lunes, 27 de agosto de 2007

Kermes in Turku (english version)

One year after the "Kermes in Turku" project started, I want to give life to what was supposed to be a parallel project: the english translation. Now, back in Spain, everything seems to be far away and it is like if everything happened long time ago. I think that this will be a good memory exercise, and I hope that this can also help people from other countries to make easier their way through their studies in Turku as it was, and it is being, for some Spanish ones.

In first place, I would like to apologize for my english. I think it is not bad, but I know it is also far from being good. Any way, I promise to do my best.

Concerning this blog, while it still in development through this year, I must say that every single post will have the same dates from the original ones and the same english titles, but don't expect they to be posted the same days that the original ones were posted but one year later, though the first one will be.

Any way, if you are looking for the translated version of a post that hasn't been published yet in english, you can still use the Automated Translation at your own risk XD.

I hope you enjoy it. Welcome again, and thank you for coming by.

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Anna-Maria Nyström dijo...

Hi Kermes!

I have been making a wikisite called Turku/Åbo WikiCompass to guide international students and staff at the higher education institutions, with useful information about Turku/Åbo. I am just about to finish my job, but the contents is really not finished. However, a friend of mine, Natalia, gave me the address to your blog and I found it really interesting. So, 1) I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog at the WikiCompass ( and 2) I hope you find some inspiration to add more information to the WikiCompass. It would be highly appreciated and valuable for other internatonal people coming to Turku/Åbo!

Best regards,

Anna-Maria Nyström

P.S. I had made a similar map like yours, but I also borrowed some ideas from yours. I hope you don't mind! Thanks!

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