jueves, 31 de agosto de 2006

My apartment at 7

In the end it hasn't take too long till I've been able to gain access Internet. Yesterday I managed to rob some wireless Internet for half and hour from some neighbour. Now I'm in the shared kitchen because from here I can access a wireless network called Spark.Net that is al around the city. It seems to be all around the city, except for my room... Any way, at least I can connect from here while they set up my connection.

Well, to begin with my biggest problem, it is that I can't sleep. The sun rises at six and at seven my room looks like the lights were on. You can see it in the picture, even with the curtains, but in the street the sun is up and there is light like in Spain at noon. Apart of this, the room is much bigger as I thought, as well as the bathroom, so being so big and having so less furniture, I even have echo and it is strange to talk by phone inside there.

On the other hand, as many of you already know, they have lost my luggage in Barcelona and I have been three days surviving with two t-shirts, two underwear and a pair of jeans. I've been calling and they always says "tomorrow".

With my english I'm defending my self quite ok, everybody understands me and I understand everybody (except for french people) and now I can talk for hours instead of say only short sentences (and I have been here only 3 days!! XD).

I've been so lucky with my tutor, Hekki, and his girlfriend, Minna. They have been helping me out with everything. The first day, they lent me a mattress, sheets, towels and a pillow, because of my lost baggage. The next day, Heikki took me to talk to our teachers, to the bank to open an account, to the police station to ask for the permission of residence, to the 1€ shop, big supermarkets, to pick up the bus card... and he has done almost all the calls to the airport because for sure it will be easier in Finnish than in my english XD.

Today we have started the orientation course. The presentation of the teachers, we have been shown the building, I have met the rest of the exchange students in Information Technology, and this kind of things. The building is totally new, thy just finished it this summer, and it even don't have a name yet. It is funny because even teachers don't know where things are, so we are not the only ones looking lost those days XD.

As I said, I already have Internet, so I think I will be able to connect more often, and publish more posts, but, of course, it will not be so often as if I were in my own room XD.

The rest is everything OK, everything is so beautiful, I will show you pictures of the street and the university. I'm having fun, I'm practicing my english and I'm learning how to live alone. The only thing is that I miss you all much, but I hope time goes fast and we can see one another soon.

Moi Moi! (I suppose that most of you already know that it means good bye in finnish).

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